Environmental Audits

Environmental Safety Audits

To ensure the Safety Of Environment as par international standards

Environmental protection and environmental safety are increasing concerns of the global community in all industrial areas. ISO 14001 defines environmental safety and work guidelines that are followed by IGS environmental auditors during environmental safety and protection audits of your supplier factories. ISO 14001 provides a lot of practical tools to implement described standards for environmental protection within the organization. IGS follows, along with our own, measures of environmental safety defined by ISO 14001. IGS environmental auditors perform these audits in great depth and cover a wide range of environmental concerns necessary for your business and products produced there. Some of areas covered in environmental audits include:


  • Environmental Legal perspective and prevailing issues
  • Assessment of areas of environmental safety concern
  • Evaluation of level of hazardous wastes, their maintenance and disposal process
  • Outgoing waste water after processing
  • Water treatment arrangements, their capability and performance
  • Quality of air in the working area
  • Contents and level of toxins in air emission by the factory
  • Level of comfort for employees and people around the factory
  • Usage and wastage of energy sources including electricity, water
  • The content of CO2 in work environment and emissions

Environmental Audits also include as major modules chemical control audits and water testing & evaluation.


Chemical Control Audit Modules

Prevalence of chemical content in work environment, in the products the factory produces, and in water and air emission are the main concern of global bodies, business communities, and environmental organizations. IGS Chemical Control Audits follow standards defined by the Detox® campaign, and the principle of Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals i.e., ZDHC along with our own audit modules for the same cause. These steps include:


  • Assessment and Evaluation of existing product management system
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Suppliers and Sub-Suppliers of chemicals to the factory
  • Evaluation of incoming chemical stocks, their packaging, storage methods and method of transportation
  • Assessment and Evaluation of non-chemical incoming material, if needed, to ensure implementation of required standards.
  • Evaluation of Chemical production process or Process where chemicals are used or utilized
  • Testing and evaluation of specific measures of chemical control implied by the factory
  • Waste management with a clear focus on hazardous waste


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