Manufacturing Audits

Manufacturing Audits And Quality Conference

To ensure the process quality of products manufacturing

IGS helps you to reduce your production and procurement cost

Manufacturing Audits ensure the process quality of manufacturing & assembling of products or parts. Multiple manufacturing audits may be needed for the complex products of high quality. Manufacturing audits are conducted for textiles, garments, towels and allied industries along with industrial, consumer, pharmaceutical, food and consumer products.
IGS manufacturing audits help you reduce your production and procurement cost and makes your supply chain more effective and time focused. IGS manufacturing audits comply with international quality, work and environment standards including ISO 9000. Qualified, experienced, professional and highly vigilant auditors of IGS auditors’ team check each and every aspect required to be considered during specific audit visits and their reports. IGS suppliers’ manufacturing audits include:

-Entire Factory Profiling
-Conference of prevailing Quality Systems
-Confirmation of Production Capabilities and Quality Standards
-Process flow and Production Workflows of the Supplier
-The physical condition of building, plant, machinery, rest areas, washrooms, eating areas, cooking area, parking, stocks & godowns

Added Value & Customized Audit Programs

Additional value can be added by including extra modules and audit protocol. Added value is required when your concerns are more than merely a factory’s physical condition and you need to know and check suppliers’ adherence and capabilities in the following areas also:

-RoHS Standards and their implications
-Method of Raw Material Procurement
-Storage and Maintenance Function of the Supplying Factory
-Research & Development Function of the Factory
-Sample Production and Quality Testing Lab’s Evaluation
-Environmental influence and Impact
-Client Specific Modules and Sections



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