Ethical Audits

Ethical Audits for Standards’ Implementation

To enhances business credibility and reduces product costs

IGS provides you with the real-life ethical audit

Application of business morals and professional ethics is an obligatory factor in international business. No company can attain or sustain top ranking without following proven ethical parameters and moral standards. Different pressure groups, around the globe, are actively working on the implementation of these standards at the workplace on both workers and products.
The supply chain is very much influenced by ethical standards due to the involvement of multiple process layers and channels. The concept is based on corporate social responsibility aimed at producing the highest possible quality of products by observing high moral and ethical values throughout the process.

Types of Ethical Audits

IGS provides you with the real-life ethical audit of your suppliers and vendors that further enhances your business credibility and reduces your product costs. Multiple areas are covered in ethical audits including:

-Prevailing Labor Practices at the workplace
-Treatment of factory management with workers in terms of salaries, care, protection, safety, and health
-Checking the prevailing discrimination of any type
-Work conditions and labor hours at the factory
-Terms of overtime and additional working
-Factory’s cleanliness and hygiene
-Waste control and management of hazardous waste
-Water treatment before throwing it in sewerage
-Underage or child labor
-A certain number of employees with disability and the protection of their rights

International Ethical Standards we Observe

Ethical audits are customized based on clients’ individual specific needs but the following generally applicable international standards are mostly exercised in the majority of ethical audits:

-amfori BSCI
-SA 8000
-SMETA – Sedex
-ICS – Initiative Clause Sociale
-RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council
-ISO 22000
-ISO 14001
-ISO 26000


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